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We are an all Icelandic family owned hotel chain offering 8 hotels and 1 hotel apartment located in the lively and charming city center of Reykjavik. Like different members of a family, each of our hotels has its own personality. From simple comforts to modern facilities, with spas, gyms, meeting room facilities and restaurants, we’ve got the perfect place for everyone.

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There is always something new happening at our hotels. Opening of a new hotel, renovation of our current ones or adding something new such as a restaurant, a spa or new service - there is never a dull moment.

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Our Hotels
Located in the city center of Reykjavik
All of our hotels are located in the city center of Reykjavík. The hotels are different in size and shape but what they all have in common is their ideal location, good service provided by our amazing team and the overall cozy atmosphere guests find at our hotels.
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Our Restaurants
Excellent food choice in the city enter
We have a few restaurants located at our hotels and so we are able to offer our guests an excellent food and drink options while they stay with us. No matter if guests are traveling solo or in a big group, we can cater for everyone. All guests staying with us get 10% discount of the á la carte menu at our restaurants. They only thing they have to do to get the discount is to show their key card to the restaurant staff.
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Our Venues
Ideal for meeting or gatherings
We offer a selection of venues that are ideal for all sorts of get-together. No matter if you are planning a party, meeting or conference - small or big, we are able to assist you with the perfect venue.
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Our spa & Wellness
Midgardur spa II
It's all about relaxation
When visiting Iceland, a visit to a spa is just a must. It's such a big part of the Icelandic culture and the most wonderful way for visitors to experience the relaxation that plays such a big part of today's life of Icelanders. Because of that, we have spas at our hotels for our guests.
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Our add-ons
stökk out and about
Add that little extra to the hotel stay!
We know that sometimes you only need a little bit extra to make things amazing and unforgettable. We offer a selection of add-ons that might be just the perfect choice for your customers.
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Our story & vision
It's all about the authenticity
When it comes to our story and our vision it's simple. We are an all Icelandic hotel chain and we feel that by creating a memorable and unique hospitality experience that captures the essence of Iceland, we are able to make our guests feel welcome, valued and truly at home. Join us on our adventure and offer your customers the option of feeling like a local while in Reykjavík.
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Our photo bank
About us
Promotional material directly from us
We have a lot of beautiful photographs and videos of our hotels and we want nothing more than for you to use them when promoting our hotels.
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