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Excellent food choice in the city center

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar
Tasty food selection
The atmosphere at Jörgensen is welcoming and cozy. The restaurant is located at Miðgarður by Center Hotels on the main shopping street in Reykjavík. It is beautifully decorated and offers a tasty selection of food and drinks. Jörgensen can welcome both small and large groups and offers an excellent choice of group menus.
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SKÝ Lounge & Bar
SKÝ venues
Drinks & views
SKÝ Lounge & Bar is our top floor bar located at the 8th floor of Center Hotels Arnarhvoll in the center of down town Reykjavik. SKÝ offers an excellent choice of drinks along with the most spectacular view over the city center, Reykjavik harbor and the mountain range beyond Faxaflói Bay.
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Ísafold Lounge & Bar
Luxurious vibes
Nestled snugly within the luxurious Þingholt by Center Hotels, the Ísafold Lounge & Bar is truly a hidden gem. It's small and cozy but boasts a mighty selection of wines, beers and whiskey making it an ideal haven for a quiet escape where you can savor the finer things in life - one sip at a time.
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Héðinn Kitchen & Bar
Luxurious delights
This elegant restaurant is located at Grandi by Center Hotels. The building has been redesigned from being a steel factory and has now been converted into a hotel, restaurant, café and bar. The restaurant offers an excellent selection of dishes, many feature seasonal or limited-time menu items, tasting menus, or chef's specials that showcase their culinary creativity. Héðinn offers a selection of menus for smaller and larger groups.
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Lóa Restaurant
Lóa Restaurant
Comfy and tasty
The restaurant Lóa located at Center Hotels Laugavegur specializes in delicious local traditional food with the main focus on fresh Icelandic fish and meat. The atmosphere at Lóa is friendly and comfortable catering for both individual as well as smaller and larger groups.
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