Our story

What’s the difference between a good hotel and the kind of place you’re still talking about ten years later?

We’ve had some time to think about that question. More than twenty five years to be precise. When the family bought a small guesthouse back in ’94 we were all launched into the hotel business. Three generations later and here we are managing seven (soon to be eight) hotels covering every part of central Reykjavik. We’ve been through volcanic eruptions and national economic collapse, but we’re still smiling. So, what’s the big secret?

It’s our hotels

Like different members of a family, each of our seven hotels has its own personality, and they’re all precious to us. From simple comforts to modern facilities, with spas, and gyms and restaurants, we’ve got the perfect place for everyone.

It’s the location                

Our seven hotels are spread throughout the heart of the city. Convenience is an understatement.

It’s our people

Ask anyone who’s stayed with us what they think, and people is the first word you’ll hear. It’s that smile when you check in. That wine recommendation while you eat. The inescapable feeling that behind every greeting is someone who genuinely cares.

Because we’re family

We’re proud to be the only 100% family owned hotel chain in Iceland. That sense of family extends to the people that work with us and to the welcome we create.

Because we’re local

We don’t know if we mentioned this but we come from Iceland. If you want to experience real Reykjavik, why not stay like a local?


About us
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