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Why not bring a bit of Iceland and Center Hotels back home?

A bit of Iceland for you!

Check out what we have in store for you. A few things you might be keen on getting as a souvenir after your stay with us and our little island.

Warm and cosy blankets
Made from Icelandic wool.
You might have seen these while staying with us at Miðgarður by Center Hotels. We are very proud of our garden at the hotel and the famous and oh so very warm wool from our sheep - so we combined these two by having a beautiful blanket designed for us that is made from wool and has a picture of the landscape in our garden. We can't be more proud of the outcome. If you would like one as a souvenir, you can purchase it for only 18.900 kr. in the reception at Miðgarður by Center Hotels.
URÐ - Spa kit
Unwind & Relax
Experience the ultimate relaxation with our deluxe spa kit, thoughtfully assembled to help you unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your hotel room or home, following your visit to Iceland. Our spa kit comprises a reusable microfibre, mountain soap, body scrub, pumice stone and body lotion - all crafted by URÐ, an Icelandic brand that specializes in handmade skincare products made from the finest natural ingredients sourced from Iceland's rugged landscapes. The spa kit is available to you at all our hotels for only 7.800 kr.