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Get all the latest info about rules and regulations due to Covid-19.

Traveling to Iceland
All public restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted in Iceland, both domestically and at the border. So all COVID-19 measures at the Icelandic border have now ended. Please note that visa requirements have not changed.
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COVID testing
In Iceland, rapid antigen tests and PCR-tests are used to detect COVID-19. Self-tests that can be bought in stores are generally not considered reliable. PCR-tests are only used to detect COVID-19 in specific circumstances, such as if symptoms are severe or for people who are vulnerable to illness due to COVID-19. A PCR-test is not needed to confirm the diagnosis from a rapid antigen test.
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Extra cleaning
In room at Center Hotels in Reykjavik Iceland
Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is decreasing in Iceland, we do continue to provide extra cleaning at our hotels - both in the rooms as well as in the common areas of our hotels. We offer sanitizing for hands by the entrance of our hotels and we urge everyone to wash their hands well and frequently.
Extra cleaning and sanitizing at our hotels
Clean & Safe
Clean and safe
With the Icelandic Tourist Board
We participate in the project "Clean & Safe" launched by the Icelandic Tourist Board where we take responsibility to follow all the necessary guidelines when it comes to safety and cleaning at our hotels. The goal is for our staff members and guests to feel as safe and secure as possible so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves at our hotels.
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