Rooms at Plaza

Modern and comfy, right in the heart of down town Reykjavík.

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Modern and comfy
Standard single_Plaza
Standard single_Plaza_bed
standard single_Plaza_pillow
standard single_Plaza_chair

Standard Single

Right in the center

As our largest hotel Plaza offers a broad a choice of rooms. Modern and comfy, standard single rooms in average size of 16.4 m2 come with a single 120 cm bed. Unfortunately, cribs or beds cannot be added to a standard single.

Key amenities
spacious and cosy
Standard double_twin_Plaza
standard double_twin_Plaza_bed
standard double_twin_Plaza_chair
standard double_twin_Plaza_pillow
standard double_twin_Plaza_wine

Standard double/twin

City center view

With an average room size of 19.2 m2 standard double rooms are spacious and cosy. Twin single beds can be combined to create a queen size double bed if preferred. We are unable to add extra beds to this room type. If you’d like to be upgraded, you can switch to an Executive Double/twin room for EUR 60 per night.

Key amenities
City views
Superior double_twin_Plaza
superior double_twin_Plaza_overview
superior double_twin_Plaza_lamp
superior double_twin_Plaza_bed
superior double_twin_Plaza_wine

Superior double/twin

Upper floors rooms

Most of our superior double rooms are on the upper floors of Plaza with views over the city and all the action happening in Ingolfstorg square. Inter-connected rooms can be requested if you’re staying with a group. All of these large rooms (average 21.1 m2) come with a king or queen sized double bed that can be separated into single beds. Extra beds can be added for EUR 50 a night and cribs for EUR 10 a night. You can ask for a room with a bath or upgrade to an executive double/twin room for EUR 30 a night.

Top floor rooms

Executive Twin/Double with a view

Such a treat

At the very top of Plaza, on the 8th floor, executive rooms in average size of 21.4 m2 present incredible views of the surrounding mountains and sea or overlooking the city’s oldest square right in the heart Reykjavik. For an extra EUR  15 per night you can choose a room with private balcony.  In addition to the full suite of modern amenities, executive rooms come with extra treats like bathrobes, slippers and toiletries.

Key amenities


Flat screen TV
Free wifi
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