Running in Laugarnes & Dive in Nauthólsvík

Clizia mynd 1
01/08/2019 14:08

Meet Clizia, our front desk agent at Center Hotels Laugavegur.

She has a few favorite places and things to do in Iceland.

Few of the things I will never get bored of in Reykjavík are walking or running along the coast in Laugarnes (especially when we have snow, it’s magical!), a cold/hot dive in Nauthólsvík, and relaxing with a coffee or happy hour in one of the many lovely places downtown. I am a rooftop bar lover, so I often visit Petersen or Loft. I also love Flóran cafe at the Botanical Garden: it´s a lovely cafe in a greenhouse and a lot of tables outside.

After the long winter I take every opportunity to be outdoor! :D Outside of the capital area my absolute favorite is to go glacier hiking (or snowmobiling): glaciers really are something else, I find them so fascinating. But I love hiking everywhere in Iceland, the nature is so beautiful and so powerful, I can never get bored of it. :)

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