Perlan - Explore the wonders of Iceland

13/09/2022 12:09

Perlan is one of the greatest attractions in Reykjavík city. The building itself is unique and charming as it is made out of glass that sits on top of six tanks full of geothermal water. Perlan is located in Öskjuhlíð, and due to its great location, it is possible to enjoy a 360° view over the city and its surroundings while visiting. Along with spectacular views, Perlan has many other things to offer that everyone can enjoy.

First to mention is a modern nature exploratorium where you can learn all about the amazing Icelandic nature in a fun and interactive way. A man made ice cave of around 100 meters was built indoors with snow and ice from Bláfjöll (Blue mountains). People can walk through it and get to experience the cold and the real feeling of being in an ice cave. Then you can learn about other natural forces such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and plate movements. The Northern Lights show will amaze you as you fly around the solar system and get to see a different side to these unique lights that dance around our sky. Finally, a model of the biggest bird cliff in Europe, Látrabjarg in Iceland, has been created where you can explore different birds.

Along with the exploratorium you can also enjoy some great food and snacks on the upper floors of Perlan. A restaurant is located on the top floor offering great food and great views. On the floor below you can dive into our culture in a way we like the best, by enjoying a good ice cream.

So, whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family, we highly recommend visiting Perlan. Some activities for everyone that can be enjoyed in any weather conditions (a big plus when visiting the country of great weather extremes).

Árbær - Open Air Museum
Árbær Open Air Museum is located in Reykjavík and has the purpose of showing visitors the work and living conditions of people in Iceland in earlier times. The museum is constantly growing and is a great attraction for everyone while visiting Reykjavík.
Perlan - Explore the wonders of Iceland
One of the main attractions in Reykjavík city is the wonderful Perlan. A perfect destination for everyone to enjoy while visiting Iceland. Enjoy great 360° views, good food and experience the natural wonders of Iceland.
Aurora Borealis in all it's glory
We're thrilled that the Northern Lights season is back as we can't get enough of these mystic yet beautiful lights dancing in the sky.
Culture night
Reykjavik city is celebrating its birthday and invites you to join the fun! Menningarnótt or Culture night takes place on 20 August full of events and activities that shed light on our local culture. Enjoy a day full of celebrations and take part in one of the biggest festivals in Reykjavik, Iceland.
The shopkeepers weekend
The weekend all Icelanders have been waiting for is finally here. Verslunarmannahelgi or "Shopkeepers weekend" is the biggest travel and festival weekend of the year! Thousands of Icelanders will pack their stuff and head to different places around the country ready to have the time of their lives. If you are in Iceland, make sure you check out what is happening this weekend so you don´t miss out!
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