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A perfect winter day in Reykjavík

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29/11/2022 12:11


Whether you want to have a seat and enjoy a good breakfast or grab something with you on your journey around the city, we highly recommend you visit one of the great local bakeries that can be found all around the city. There you will find some freshly made bread, pastries and coffee, the perfect combo to start a day full of adventures.


Once you are stuffed and high on caffeine it's time to walk it off by exploring Reykjavík on foot. Tjörnin or the pond in Reykjavík city center is always picturesque whether it‘s summer or winter and it‘s always nice to take a stroll around the pond and explore its surroundings. There‘s lots of birdlife around the pond and five types of ducks nest and lay their eggs there and you can also see swans, eider ducks and the arctic tern. Children love to take a walk downtown and feed the ducks on the pond. In the past it was also common for people to skate on the pond when it froze over and it still happens from time to time. On the other side of the pond is the Hljómskálagarðurinn park, where you can see various sculptures and statues as well as a circular building called Hljómskálinn which the park is named after. This was the first building in Reykjavík especially erected for musical purposes and to this day school brass bands rehearse there.


If you fancy some shopping you can check out Laugavegur which is the main shopping street in the city. Most of the shops sell high-end products, many of them selling Icelandic fashion design. There are also many tourist shops that you can check out that sell all types of souvenirs, the puffin and the viking being the most popular ones.

Picture: Visit Reykjavík.


As the weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable and sometimes you just want or need to get inside from the pouring rain or the freezing cold. A great place to spend a rainy afternoon is Reykjavik‘s flea market Kolaportið. Kolaportið flea market has a multitude of interesting things for sale such as Icelandic hand-knitted wool sweaters, jewelry, vinyl records, second-hand clothes and all kinds of knickknacks. There‘s also a food section at Kolaportið where you can buy traditional Icelandic food such as dried fish, fermented shark and rye pancakes.


Exploring a new city can make any traveler ravenous and sometimes you just want something quick, simple and delicious. One of the most popular places to get such a meal is the hot dog stand Bæjarins bestu pylsur or The Town‘s Best Hot Dogs in Tryggvagata. It‘s traditional to ask for “one with the everything“ which consists of a hot dog in a soft bun with ketchup, mustard, remoulade, chopped raw onions and crispy fried onions. The Town‘s Best has been in operation for 80 years and has been owned by the same family all that time. Its famous guests include Bill Clinton, former president of the USA and reality star Kim Kardashian. Bon appetit!


Since you are full once again it is time to visit a local thermal pool and relax. This is a rather inexpensive activity that is a perfect fun for the whole family. Located in the heart of Reykjavík is the oldest public bath in Iceland, Sundhöllin. It was designed by the noted architect Guðjón Samúelsson and opened in 1937. The building's exterior is a minimalist white that is almost Art Deco in style with tall narrow rectangular windows. At Sundhöllin you will find a 25m outdoor pool, 25m indoor pool, diving board, sauna, steam bath, hot tubs, kids pools, wading pool, massage tub and a cold tub.

Picture: Reykjavíkurborg.


Hungry once again? Now it's time to make your way to one of the many great restaurants we have in the city center of Reykjavík. You can find all kinds of restaurants offering a great variety of foods inspired by countries all around the world. Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar is a great choice as it offers a mix of international favorites and classic Icelandic dishes along with delicious drinks. There you will find something for every occasion, and you can visit in both big and small groups.


No matter how bad the winter weather gets, a typical night always ends with a visit to one of the local ice cream stores to pick up some delicacies. Wherever you might be located in the city, we can guarantee that an ice cream shop can be found somewhere close by. The typical order is “Bragðarefur” which translates directly to “Taste fox”. It consists of ice cream along with three types of candy or fruit. If you want to have an ice cream like a typical Icelandic, we recommend you choose some type of liquorice candy to enjoy with your ice cream.


After a long and eventful day in Reykjavík, we hope you will be able to see some Northern lights on your walk back to where you are staying. The lights can appear in many colors, although the green and pink are the most common. The best conditions to spot the lights are in the dark and when the sky is clear. It is favorable to go away from the city lights, but you don't have to go far as Grótta lighthouse located in Reykjavík is a highly recommended place to check out while Northern lights hunting.

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A perfect winter day in Reykjavík
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