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第五天 蓝湖和离境

01/12/2021 15:12



以上是非常经典的路线。如果您在冰岛还有多余的天数,也可以考虑去斯奈山半岛一日游。可以发邮件给我们的酒店,centerhotels: reservations@centerhotels.com 也提供预定团的服务哦。

Winter lights festival
The Winter Lights Festival will take place in Reykjavík from 2 - 5th of February 2023. It is an annual event held in Reykjavík that celebrates both the winter world and the growing sunlight after a long period of darkness with a museum night, pool night, light trails and many other events.
Winter activities and tours
Winter season in Iceland is magical and it gives you the chance to see and explore some unique natural wonders. Waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, hot springs and so many other things will make your winter visit totally worth it!
A perfect winter day in Reykjavík
Check out some of the greatest things to do while you are visiting Reykjavík. There are many options to choose from, so we have put together our idea of a fun winter day consisting of great food, attractions, shopping and relaxation.
Green Key
Center Hotels has signed a contract committing the hotel chain to apply for the Green Key award for all their eight hotels located in the city center of Reykjavik. The signing took place on December 12th between the representative from the Green Key in Iceland and the Center Hotels Team.
Christmas season in Reykjavík
Christmas is just around the corner and Reykjavík is turning into winter wonderland. This season is magical and you will find all sorts of activities in the city center.
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