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5 Inviting kaffihús: Finding Comfort in Reykjavik's Stormy Weather

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16/01/2024 17:01

Part of the charm of Iceland lies in its unpredictable, sometimes wild, and always dramatic weather. When rain or snowstorms are in full force, finding a warm and inviting spot becomes a necessity. Here's a list of five cozy coffee places in Reykjavik to weather the storms.


Nestled in an unassuming timber frame house, Kaffibrennslan is a not so hidden gem popular among locals and visitors alike. Its warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for dark winter days or evenings. While coffee takes center stage, the menu offers a variety of sweet and savory options, including excellent grilled sandwiches. In the evening, the coffee house transforms into a cozy bar where you can enjoy a draft beer or glass of wine, either by the window downstairs or in their outdoor hothouse, observing the world passing by or the storm outside.

Reykjavik Roasters Kárastígur

Tucked away on the side streets near Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik Roasters exudes a comfy and inviting vibe with its second-hand furniture. A quintessential hipster coffee spot, they take pride in roasting their own coffee. Offering a good selection of teas and coffees, it's a great place for breakfast or lunch. However, do note that they close early, around 5 pm, so it's best enjoyed earlier in the day. With healthy food options, their tuna salad is a must-try, served with toasted sourdough bread or the option of a bagel for an extra 200 ISK.

Emilie and the Cool Kids

Located just off the main shopping street Laugarvegur, Emilie and the Cool Kids is a funny little coffee house where everything is homemade. Step into their lively atmosphere with tropical wallpaper, a bright pink neon sign, and the aroma of freshly baked goods prepared daily from 150 original recipes inspired by American pastries and seasonal products. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, they offer bagels, salads, and vegetarian/vegan options. Arriving early allows you to choose from a delightful selection of pastries, cookies, and, of course, coffee.

Mokka Kaffi

A small and cozy coffee house that's been around since 1958, Mokka Kaffi, located on Skólavörðustígur better known to visitors as rainbow street, showcases artwork by local artists. The mid-century modern decor transports you to a bygone era, where you can imagine a well-dressed gentleman or lady ordering their daily cup while admiring the art on the walls. Don't miss the chance to pair your coffee with a delicious Belgian waffle. Keep in mind, seating is limited, but the visit is worth it to experience the 50s time warp and appreciate the preserved authenticity.

Café Rosenberg

Standing on Vesturgata 3 since the mid-19th century, Café Rosenberg is a timber frame house steeped in Icelandic history, this might not seem an impressive age for a building in global standards but for us in Iceland this is quite ancient as the oldest, still standing building in Iceland dates to 1762 and is located on Aðalstræti 10. Rosenberg offers a unique blend of coffee and historical ambiance. Decorated with Icelandic-made second-hand furniture, it provides a warm and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee while immersing yourself in Icelandic history.

In conclusion, this is just a glimpse into the rich coffee house (kaffihús) culture of Reykjavik, with over 40 coffee houses in the city center alone. No matter the weather, you can always find a cozy spot or a "huggulegur staður," as we say in Iceland, to unwind and relax. Wishing you a great stay with us in Reykjavik!

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