Viðey - Photo by Iceland Monitor

Reykjavík is located by the sea and so we have quite a few of small islands close to the city.  The biggest one and the most accessible is Viðey.  

During the summertime a ferry goes every hour to the island and so you are able to visit it, walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  During your visit to Viðey you should stop by at the Viðey House - you really can't miss it - A beautiful building that is the first one in Iceland constructed of stone.  At Viðey House you can enjoy various refreshments since it is a cosy little restaurant.  

Get more info about the Viðey House here

Other things to see apart from the nature and bird life is the Imagine Peace Tower by Yoko Ono that represents piece on earth. Every year  the Imagine Peace Tower lights up the evening sky in Reykjavík from October 9th (Lennon's day of birth) through December 8th (Lennon´s demis).  

Get more info about the Imagine Peace Tower here 

Dates 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2024