Coming up this weekend: Verslunarmannahelgin

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This weekend Icelanders will be celebrating the Verslunarmannahelgi which is by far the biggest domestic travel and festival weekend in Iceland.

Verslunarmannahelgin which can be translated as the Shopkeepers weekend, is a labour day/bank holiday dedicated to Icelandic merchants and is celebrated every summer on the first Monday in August. Of course, only a small group of Icelanders really belong to the class of merchants but those that don’t still welcome this long weekend with a significant enthusiasm. And so, thousands of people get together and camp in the great outdoors to attend organized festivals with a lot of live music that are held all around the Island.

The festivals being held vary in size and so some of them are calmer ideal for families whereas others are quite busy and loud and do attract the younger that do like to party.

The biggest festival held during the Verslunarmannahelgi is without any doubt is the Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum (The Festival of the Nation in Westman Island) which is a festival held in Vestmannaeyjar, a small island on the southern part of Iceland. During this weekend, around 12.000 people travel from the mainland to the Island of 4000 inhabitants to enjoy the event which includes performances by famous and less famous musicians.

Other large festivals held during the weekend are the Ein með öllu (One with everything) festival held in the capital of the north, Akureyri, Mýrarboltinn (Mud-football and music) in the Westfjords and Síldarævintýrið (Herring adventure family festival) in Siglufjörður town. And then of course for those that do not prefer to go camping to enjoy live music and festivities they can just stay home in Reykjavík and attend the Innipúkinn (the couch potato) downtown Reykjavík music festival.

In conclusions, everyone should be able to find whatever suits them and enjoy the festivities during Verslunarmannahelgin.

Have a happy weekend!