Plaza meetings

Meetings at CenterHotel Plaza

A good selection of meeting rooms are available at CenterHotel Plaza.  The rooms are different in size and shape and are ideal for all types of meetings both small and large.  The meeting rooms at Plaza are spacious, bright and welcoming, located on the hotels ground floor making the access very good for guests attending the meeting. An access to a secluded garden at Plaza is available for guests as well as a breakout room and a bar.  All necessary technical equipment for meetings is available at Plaza along with a good selection of food catering of all sorts.  The catering for the meetings comes from the restaurant; Ísafold Restaurant.

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Five different meeting rooms are available at Plaza:


The largest meeting room at Plaza is Eldfell.  The size of meeting room is 150 m² and up to 200 guests can attend a meeting at Eldfell when it is set up for a reception.  There are three screens located in the meeting room along with other necessary technical equipment for meetings.  A secluded garden is accessible from the meeting room.
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The meeting room Eyjafjallajökull is the second largest meeting room at Plaza or 100 m² .  Eyjafjallajökull can welcome up to 80 guests at a time when the meeting room is set up in a reception style.  The meeting room is bright and welcoming and includes two screens and other necessary equipment for meetings.
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The three meeting rooms; Hekla, Katla and Askja are an ideal meeting rooms for smaller meetings.  They are all located on the hotels ground floor and the outdoor secluded garden is accessible from all three meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are 50m² and are able to welcome up to 65 guests each when the room is set up for a reception.
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