Holiday Menus

Holidays at CenterHotels

All our restaurants will be open and quite lively for the holidays with music and other festive events.

Our excellent chefs have put together delightful Holiday Menus full of contemporary, local flavors. Meat lover or vegetarian; we promise to make your mouth water.

Keep in mind that not all restaurants in Reykjavik are open on major holidays so be sure to reserve your table in advance.

SKÝ Restaurant & Bar

SKÝ Restaurant & Bar is located on the top floor of CenterHotel Arnarhvoll and offers a spectacular view over downtown Reykjavík and the mountain range beyond the Faxaflói bay.

Holidays at SKÝ

Ísafold Restaurant

Ísafold Restaurant is located at CenterHotel Thingholt and offers delicious food and fine drinks. Ísafold takes pride in offering guests tentative service and quality food which is locally sourced. The suppliers are handpicked by the head chef.

Holidays at Ísafold

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar is a casual dining Nordic fusion restaurant located in Centerhotel Midgardur. Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar specializes in offering a taste of traditional Icelandic cooking mixed up with modern and international flair. The outcome is delightful.

Holidays at Jörgensen

LÓA Bar-Bistro

LÓA Bar-Bistro is a cozy bar and bistro located at Center Hotel Laugavegur. It offers a comfy atmosphere with an excellent selection of lite bites and drinks of all sorts with a view over the buzzing city center.

Holidays at LÓA