Esjan hike

A dominant part of Reykjavík city´s beautiful backdrop is Mount Esja, a volcanic mountain range situated about 15 km north of Reykjavík.

Esjan was formed in the beginning of the Ice Age or approximately 2,5 million years ago. It is not a single mountain, but a volcanic mountain range and the highest tip reaches 914 meters or 2,999 ft.

Esjan has become a very popular recreation area and hiking spot for Reykjavík locals with several well marked hiking trails that run up the mountain that vary in difficulty ranging from 1 boot (easy) to 3 boots (challenging). At a certain point up the mountain more experienced hikers can choose to continue directly to the top or like most you can choose to stop and turn around at a popular turnaround point marked with a big rock called ‘Steinn’ (rock in Icelandic). This is where you catch your breath and take in the breathtakingly beautiful view.
Once you’ve completed your hike you can grab a beverage or light lunch at Esjustofa, a cozy family owned cafe/restaurant at the bottom of Esjan. Their traditional Icelandic meat soup is delicious and worth trying.

Keep in mind to always keep the weather and snow conditions in mind before hiking Esjan. The weather in Iceland can change very quickly and the hike can become very difficult in bad weather.

Mt. Esja is an easy 20 minute car ride from Reykjavík on Route 1 past the town of Mosfellsbær and you can park your car for free by the starting point. It is also accessible by the number 15 bus from Hlemmur bus station. Get off at Háholt in Mosfellsbær, then take the number 57 to the foot of Esja at Hiking Centre Esjustofa.

Other fun hiking spots around Reykjavík include Úlfarsfell which is a short but sweet hike up Úlfarsfell mountain. Also located off Route 1 about 10 km north of Reykjavík, Úlfarsfell mountain is only approximately 15 minute drive from Reykjavík and the total hike is 4,6 kilometer long and only takes about an hour and half. It is perfect if you’re in Reykjavík and in the mood for a quick but fun hike and some fresh air. You start the hike by walking through some woods which makes your hike even more adventurous.

Enjoy your hike!