Reykjavik harbor

The old harbor in Reykjavik

The Old Reykjavik harbor was built between the years 1913 and 1917 and has a long history of being one of the largest and more important service harbors in Iceland.

In recent years it has transformed into a popular spot for tourists. Walking down Reykjavíks old harbor you will find colorful sheds that offer all sorts of services for tourists including whale watching companies like Elding and Special Tours, shops and restaurants and even scooter and bike rentals like Puffin Scooters. The harbor is also quite photogenic with views of fishing boats, Harpa concert hall and snow capped mountain tops.  

Whether you prefer visiting stores, museums and/or sampling some of the best of Icelandic culinary culture it is very likely that you will find something that floats your boat at the Old Harbor.  

We have gathered a few things that the Old Harbor has to offer:

Harpa concert hall

Located on the old harbor in Reykjavik and is not only an architectural marvel but offers a lot of activities like variety of events and concerts.

Harpa also has a restaurant and café, a design store as well as the Iceland Expo Pavillion.

Kolaportið flea market

Located at the north-east corner of the harbor is the city’s flea market, Kolaportið.  It’s indoors and is open from 11-5 every weekend.

There you can get great deals on vintage clothes, books and food. You can even sample fermented shark or buy a bag of stockfish.

Across the street from Kolaportið is the famous hot dog stand Bæjarins Beztu, where you can get the best hot dogs in Reykjavik!


Several fish restaurants can be found on the Old Harbor, including Mar and Sea Baron which has been known to serve the ‘World’s Greatest Lobster Soup’ and the friendly café Haití. Other restaurants at the Old Harbor include the traditional Icelandic restaurant Höfnin, and the popular burger joint Hamborgarabúllan.


On the western edge of the harbor is the trendy Grandi area. It was named after the old fish factory there and is also loaded with amazing and cool restaurants such as the Coocoos nest and Matur og drykkur. Kaffivagninn is a super cozy coffeehouse shed that has been there since 1935.  At Grandinn you will also find museums such as Aurora Reykjavik and The Maritime Museum and the most popular ice cream shop in Reykjavik called Valdís which is located directly in front of the Maritime museum and has a massive selection of ice cream flavors.  

Have fun at the Old Harbor!