Fun Icelandic Facts – Jæja

Jæja - Fun Icelandic facts - CenterHotels

Icelanders are known for quite a few things.  One of them is their literature and for the fact that they LOVE to read.  In a normal Icelandic home there are stashes of books that have been read by the family members and often books end up in another home since exchanging books between friends and families is quite a common thing.

The Icelandic language is another thing Icelanders are quite known for since it really hasn’t change a lot since the country was settled in the ninth and tenth centuries.  The Icelandic language is not the easiest of languages and the words tend to be rather long and difficult to pronounce but, still there are a few words that are rather short and those words are really appreciated by Icelanders.  So appreciated that they tend to be used in numerous situations and can mean a numerous things.

“Jæja”, is one of those words.  This beautiful word can mean a lot of things all from “Are you coming? to “Well” and “Finally, I’m glad this is done and over” all depending on in which situation the word is use and how it is said.

“Jæja” is used many times a day by the average Icelander and is quite an asset to the language since it is a good escape from all the other long and difficult words Icelanders have to use every day.

Also, it should be a treat for all our foreign guests.  It has almost everything they need to have to make themselves understandable in Iceland – it is short, easy to pronounce and means all sorts of things.  It couldn’t be better.

Jæja…., just try it!

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