Icelandic Yule Lads at CenterHotels

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Iceland, being a strange little Island far away from other countries has of course evolved it’s own Santa Clause, and not only one but thirteen in total.

13 nights before Christmas the Yule Lads come to town one by one from the mountains, where they live with their scary and ugly parents, the trolls, Grýla and Leppalúði.

Little children put their shoe on the windowsill and the Yule Lads leave them a small gift if they have been nice or a potato if they have been naughty.

The stories of the Yule Lads come from folklore where they were described as pranksters who stole from people and in other ways harassed them. They all have descriptive names that convey their character, person or the food that they like to eat; like Skyrgobbler, Door Slammer, Sausage Swiper and Bowl Licker.

Why not try it and put your finest shoe on the windowsill and see what happens? We know for a fact that all the guests at CenterHotels have been quite good these past days since they’ve been getting little treats from the Yule Lads. The gifts have been waiting for them on the door knob bright and early in the morning – with love from the thirteen little pranksters….

Get your skates on!

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We know that December has arrived when looking out the window of CenterHotel Plaza and seeing Ingólfstorg – the main square in the old city center.  A magical ice skating ring has been placed in the middle of the square.  The ring is open for everybody to try with free admission – skates and helmets are available at a moderate price.

The ice is surrounded by a small Christmas village where guests can buy tempting refreshments. Get some exercise and have fun skating around listening to Christmas songs.

The ice skating rink will be open every day from 12:00 – 22:00 until January 1.